A1.   Edamame (Steamed Japanese Soybeans)                                            5

A2.   Agedashi Tofu (Lightly Fried Tofu)                                                     7

A3.   Gyoza (Japanese Pan Fried Dumplings)                                                     6

A4.   Shumai (Steamed Shrimp Dumplings)                                                        6

A5.   Age Shumai (Fried Shrimp Dumplings)                                                 6

A6.  Yasai Itame (Sauteed Mixed Vegetables)                                               8

A7.   Harumaki (Japanese Vegetable Spring Rolls)                                         4

A8.   Yakitori (Chicken & Vegetables on a Stick)                                               7

A9.    Soft Shell Crab                                                               10

A10.  Beef Tataki                                         10

A11.  Tuna Tataki                                         12

A12.  Ragoon Wanton                                                              6

A13.  Baked Mussel                                                                    10

A14.  Sushi Sampler (Assorted Fish over Rice, Four Pieces)               10

A15.  Sashimi Sampler (Assorted Sliced Raw Fish, Five Pieces)    12

A16.  Shitake Mushrooms                                10

A17.  Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs)                             10

A18.  Chicken Tempura (3 pcs)                            10

A19.  Baked Salmon                                        10

A20.  Sweet Potato Tempura                              6


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