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(Served with Miso soup or a House salad)

A light batter covers our tempura selection, deep-fried to

golden perfection.  Served with tempura dipping sauce.

T1.  Vegetable Tempura                          14

T2.  Chicken Tempura                              15

T3.  Shrimp Tempura                               17

T4.  Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura            17



(Served with Miso soup or a House salad)

Tender choice cutlet, breaded and lightly fried to give the katsu 

a crunchy shell that will be sure to melt in your mouth.

K1.  Pork Katsu                                      15

K2.  Chicken Katsu                                  15


Japanese Fried Rice

F1.  Shrimp Fried Rice                               9

F2.  Chicken Fried Rice                              9

F3.  Vegetable Rice                                  9

F4  Combination Rice (2 choices)                 9



(Served with Miso soup or a House salad)

(Yakisoba - thin noodles    Yakiudon - thick noodles)

N1.  Vegetable Yakisoba                         13

N2.  Chicken Yakisoba                             15

N3.  Shrimp Yakisoba                               15

    N4.  Vegetable Yakiudon                          13    

N5.  Chicken Yakiudon                              15

N6.  Shrimp Yakiudon                                15

N7.  Tempura Udon (Served as a Soup)                 14

N8.  Nabeyaki Udon (Served as a Soup)                15



A bowl of steaming hot rice topped with your selction.

Simple, Satisfying, and all from a single bowl.


D1.  Chicken Teriyaki Don                         14

D2.  Ten Don                                           14

D3.  Una Don                                          18

D4.  Chicken Katsu Don                             14

D5.  Pork Katsu Don                                 14


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Special request may result in additional cost and are not subject to returns.

Please inform your server if you have any  food allergens.


All pricing subject to change with market fluctuation.