Soup & Salad


 S1. Miso Soup                                     3

(Tofu, Seaweed, and Scallions)

S2.  Seafood Soup                              10

(Crab, Salmon, Mussels, Scallops, Shrimps, & Vegetables)

S3.  House Salad                                 6

(Assorted Vegetables over Lettuce with Ginger Dressing)

S4. Seaweed Salad                              6

S5. Squid Salad                                   8

S6. Crab & Cucumber Salad                  9

S7.  Spicy Tuna Salad                         10

S8.  Spicy Seafood Salad                    12



Special request may result in additional cost and are not subject to returns.

Please inform your server if you have any food allergens.


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